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iJARS International Journal of Engineering publishes Research Papers in the various disciplines and inter-disciplines of Engineering. It is administered by prestigious iJARS Group.To know about publisher,please click here.

iJARS International Journal of Engineering contributes to Research by identifying and acknowledging innovative Genuine Research Publications which are in line with the Recent and Future Trends in various fields of Engineering and Technology. The journal is instrumental in publishing high quality Research Work which can be stepping stone to the practical application of ideas. Thus, iJARS- International Journal of Engineering provides an intellectual platform for the scholars across the globe to contribute their ideas,discuss and derive conclusions which when applied will be beneficial for betterment of human society.

Engineering and Technology advancements have always been very crucial in making our lives more comfortable and simple. However, in past few decades there has been an exponential growth in Research in these fields. Construction, Automation and Digitization are defining the future of Human Civilization. iJARS International Journal of Engineering is a platform to identify the World Class Project Ideas in various disciplines of Engineering. iJARS International Journal of Engineering and iJARS Innovative club shall be a milestone in realizing these golden dreams.

The vast Research Areas considered under our Journal are Aviation Engineering, Aeronautics,  Automobile Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology, Electronic & Communication Engineering, Nanotechnology, MEMS, Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering,  Mechanical Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, Ocean Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Software Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Textile Engineering etc

 iJARS International Journal of Engineering invites  Genuine Research Papers and Review Articles for publishing in Regular and Special Issues.

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